House Wren Cam Update 6/26/2017
The house wren nest is located in songbird box #1 The female laid the first egg on 6/25. She will lay an egg a day until the full clutch is laid. Once this is done she will start incubating the eggs. The incubation period is 9-16 days and all chicks will hatch on the same day. The chicks will fledge 15-17 days after hatching.
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House wren nesting information

House Wrens pile twigs into the cavities they choose to nest in, either to make a bed on which to build a soft-lined cup, or sometimes mounded up into a barrier between nest and entrance, seemingly to protect the nest from cold weather, predators, or cowbirds. The cup itself is built into a depression in the twigs and lined with just a few grams (less than 0.25 oz) of feathers, grasses and other plant material, animal hair, spider egg sacs, string, snakeskin, and discarded plastic.

House Wrens nest in old woodpecker holes, natural crevices, and nest boxes (or discarded tins, shoes, etc.) provided by humans. This birdís association with open woodland is reflected in its choice of nest sites: it rarely uses nest sites more than 100 feet from woody vegetation, but also avoids heavily wooded nest sites where itís hard to see predators coming. Despite their small size, they can be fierce competitors for nest sites, sometimes evicting a larger species and claiming its cavity after the bird has already begun nesting.

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House Wren Nesting Facts

Clutch Size:          3-10 eggs
Number of Broods: 1-2 broods
Egg Length:          0.6-0.7 in
                         1.4-1.9 cm
Egg Width:           0.4-0.6 in
                         1.1-1.4 cm
Incubation Period: 9-16 days
Nestling Period:    15-17 days
Egg Description:   White, pink-white, or grayish, speckled or blotched with reddish brown.
Condition at Hatching: Naked, pink, and basically immobile, eyes closed, with a couple of dozen wispy down feathers scattered over back and head.




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