Welcome to Butler County’s Osprey Camera - The camera is brought to you by Moraine Preservation Fund and Butler County Tourism & Convention Bureau. It provides a Live Stream of the osprey nest at Moraine State Park in Butler County, PA.

The live stream is available from 7am to 7pm daily.

About the Osprey Camera:
Watch as osprey nest along the glistening shoreline of Lake Arthur in Moraine State Park. This area has one of the most significant clusters of osprey nests in Pennsylvania.

The osprey, also commonly known as a “fish hawk”, stalks its prey by hovering above the water then diving feet first to snag its prey. Ospreys fit in well on impoundments with good fish populations and artificial structures where they can build their bulky stick nests.

In an effort to help this recovered species, The Moraine Preservation Fund established an Osprey Reintroduction Program in June of 1993. It was a huge success and resulted in six fledglings raised from several nesting platforms throughout the park. This park was an important hacking site in the state's osprey reintroduction program and they continue to prosper here.

A special thank you to ITG Networks, Inc. for their assistance in making this project a success.

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Osprey Facts

Ospreys, commonly seen flying above shallow inland waterways or near the sea, are one of the few birds of prey that subsist almost exclusively on fish. Most Ospreys are migratory, traveling from northern breeding grounds to winter locales near tropical lakes, rivers, seashores and coral reefs. Ospreys have some of the widest habitat range of any raptor species and can be found on every continent except for Antarctica. Osprey populations have rebounded significantly following the ban on the pesticide DDT, representing one of the most successful environmental conservation stories in North American history.

Ospreys usually mate for life and nesting pairs return to the same nest every year to lay eggs. Some Osprey nests span many generations and can be over 70 years old. Ospreys typically situate their nests close to shallow bodies of water, often atop snags (standing dead trees) or man-made structures like telephone poles or platforms constructed specifically for Osprey nests. Osprey eggs have an incubation period of about 5 weeks. New hatchling(s) typically have their first flight after 8 to 10 weeks of living in the nest. While the female is carrying and sitting on the eggs, the male Osprey may catch fish and bring them to the female.

Nesting Facts

    Clutch Size: 1–4 eggs
    Number of Broods: 1 broods
    Incubation Period: 36–42 days
    Nestling Period: 50–55 days
    Egg Length: 2.2" – 2.7"
    Egg Description: Cream to pinkish cinnamon; wreathed and spotted with reddish brown.



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