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Remote Outdoor Cameras & Monitoring Systems
PixController, Inc. is an innovative company specializing in outdoor, self-contained, battery operated,  wireless  surveillance cameras and monitoring systems. Our products  are designed for long-term use to monitor remote sites without power or Internet. Applications include  gas & oil, pipelines,  construction sites, remote gate & properties monitoring. We carry a line of covert cameras triggered by small wireless sensor exclusively for law enforcement, military, and corporate security to monitor marijuana fields, border security, graffiti, illegal dumping, and much more!

Raptor Wireless Cellular & WiFi Remote Cameras and Data Loggers

The Raptor wireless camera is a motion-activated, battery operated camera which will email photos to your cell phone and/or PC within 30 seconds from the activation. Designed for long-term  outdoor use. Cellular or WiFi transmission options. Special feature of our popular Raptor Wireless Camera System. This option allows a user to connect an external 12V solenoid or 12V relay for momentary trigger control of gates , live animal traps & feral hog trapping.
Real-Time continuous environmental data loggers.  Data will be transmitted to our Cloud server with custom dashboard options. Advanced features include programmable alarm events, USB flash drive data storage up to 32 GB, and optional camera. Stream video on-demand from any remote location with cellular or WiFi. Connect pan-tilt-zoom or fixed focused IP cameras.

Covert Surveillance & Law Enforcement Camera Systems

Covert remote surveillance camera which sends a photo when triggered by wireless sensor. Includes DVR for recording video and GPS option. Perfect for applications needing real-time photo notification. Stream video on-demand via SMS text, PC command, wireless sensor trigger, or time-lapse. Includes mega pixel IP camera. Ideal for remote locations without power and bandwidth limitations.
Small covert remote surveillance Mini-DVR recording camera system. Records video to SD media card when triggered by wireless sensor. Perfect for covert outdoor or indoor surveillance needs. Includes the features of our popular UndercoverEye Raptor camera with the addition of the military grade Qual-Tron, Inc. wireless ground sensor radio receiver. Enables system to use the Qual-Tron, Inc. ground sensor series.


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We have brought back the popular Pittsburgh Hays Bald Eagle camera for the second season.
Click here to watch the live feed

New! RemoteMonitor CH4 Methane Detection & Continuous Data Monitoring System.

      Applications Include:
  • Methane Gas Migration - Shale Gas Industry
  • Methane Migration of Landfills
  • Monitoring Methane Emissions Gas Industry
  • Monitoring CNG Facilities



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Remote Outdoor Surveillance Camera & Monitoring Systems
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