How to create a YouTube Channel for Chat Login

Confused about what you need to do to when streaming for Hays and Harmar Eagles moves to YouTube?

If you aren't planning to chat; simply wait until the nests are streaming live on YouTube and just watch and enjoy.

If you plan to chat you will need:
1. A Google account/email address in order to:
2. Set up a YouTube account (a "Channel").
Don't panic. It's easier than it sounds; below is a YouTube video to walk you through it step by step.
(You only need to watch the first 2:20 minutes to get set up, but if you also want to know how to create a profile pic and banner art for your channel page and other fancy stuff, you can watch the rest.)

Once you've done the above, you're ready to chat.
As soon as the Hays and Harmar nests are streaming live on YouTube, simply go to the one you want to live chat on, click/hover in the dialog box ("say something") and it will cue you to 'sign in'. There, simply log in with the Google account/channel you just set up, and begin chatting.


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