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Please Donate to help our Educational Wildlife Webcam Projects

Donation Use:
We have been operating and maintaining educational streaming wildlife webcams since 2004. Many viewers from all over the world tune in daily to watch a variety of wildlife seen on our unique camera system. All of the camera system we broadcast are provided at our personal expense. Building the hardware, providing support, and maintaining the cameras comes to a great expense to us. As we have grown in this field the monthly cost of running these cameras has grown considerably. These costs include:
  1. Providing research, development, and production of cutting edge new wildlife streaming webcam projects.
  2. Providing 100 lbs of feed per week for our 3 live streaming feeder cameras costing about $100/month.
  3. Providing a dedicated high speed Internet cable line for enough bandwidth to stream our 9 cameras costing about $90/month.
  4. Providing cellular data fees to stream our remote deployed wildlife webcams which cost over $200/month per remote webcam system.
  5. Nesting box project - Includes (9) screech owl boxes and (3) song bird boxes all with cameras mounted inside, and an external pan-tilt-zoom screech owl box camera.
  6. Providing technical setup and camera support for the National Aviary peregrine falcon cameras in Pittsburgh, PA.

We thoroughly enjoy being able to use our technology to share these educational experiences and unique insights into nature with our viewers. We are asking our viewers who are able to kindly donate what ever small amount you can afford. If you are able to donate $2, $5, $10, or any amount please click on the "Donate" link below. Your generosity will enable us keep these cameras up and running as well as continue to develop new and exciting camera projects in the future. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy the cameras as much as we do!

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