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  PixController Wildlife Webcam 4
About the PixController Wildlife Camera 4

This camera is located in South Western Pennsylvania, USA. The camera is located in a wooded area in about 200 yards from a power source and Internet access.

Wildlife webcam 4 is currently streaming a bluebird nest box in a remote location in western Pennsylvania. The webcam is a unique one of a kind system which automatically switches to the outside when a bird is at the entrance then switches back to the inside view. This gives our viewers an opportunity to see action inside and outside the nest box.

The bluebirds started building their nest on 3/29/12. Our daughter, Lindsey, named the male bird Mr. Blue Barry and the female Mrs. Sapphire.

Meet "Mr. Blue Barry" a male eastern bluebird

We thoroughly enjoy being able to use our technology to share these educational experiences and unique insights into nature with our viewers.

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