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The PixCams Wildlife Cam 1 is a one of a kind system which was designed and built by PixController, Inc. We first started broadcasting the webcam in 2004 and the system has been updated several times since then. The system consists of a main camera, which is a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera that switches from full color at day to IR (Black & White) at night in order not to scare the animals. We have the ability to move and zoom the camera in on animals that come to the main camera. The main camera unit is about 75 yards from a power source and Internet connection, and the camera is broadcast 24/7 year round for everyone to enjoy.

What makes the PixController Wildlife Webcam truly unique is that we have designed a custom proprietary set of electronics, "base station", that allow us to integrate motion-activated, battery operated, remote camera units out in the filed. These remote cameras will turn on when an animal walks in front of them and transmit a video signal back to our base station. Once the base station senses this incoming video signal it will switch off the video feed from the main camera and start broadcasting the feed from the remote camera unit. Once the animal leaves the remote camera site the feed will switch back over to the main camera.

About the remote cameras

  An example photo of a remote motion-activated camera is shown to the right. These camera system consist of a color by day/IR by night video camera, sound MIC, video transmitter, Yagi Long-Range directional antenna, 12V battery, and a solar panel. The camera units are completely portable and we move them around the woods throughout the seasons.

The video & audio signal are transmitted back to a receiver at the base station. The video signal quality will vary from day to day based on the humidly levels and vegetation growth. Both of these items can effect the video quality

Cam 1 Remote Camera Site


Wildlife Cam 1 Design Overview


 About the PixCams WebCam
Our wildlife cameras are located in south western Pennsylvania, USA. We are broadcasting 3 live streaming feeds 24/7 all year round. The cameras are located in a wooded area about 30 miles east of Pittsburgh, PA on private property which is not open to hunting.

Wildlife Cam 1 is a PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera in which we can remotely move the camera around and zoom in on different animals. In the evenings and weekends we will control the camera for viewers to get a closer look at the wildlife There is an automated feeder which is setup to feed 4 times of the day, which we change depending on the time off the year. The feeder puts out a small amount of cracked corn and sweet feed to attract an array of wildlife. The feed is only used to attract the wildlife and not provide a food source they can live off of.

There are motion-activated cameras that will switch on when something is in front of them. These are wireless video cameras that are battery powered and charged by solar panels. 

Cameras broadcasting on Wildlife Cam 1 Feed
  Wildlife Cam 1 - Main PTZ Camera
Remote Cam #2 - Motion-Activated - Mineral Lick in Field
  Remote Cam #3 - Motion-Activated - Mineral Lick in Woods
Remote Cam #4 - Motion-Activated - Mineral Lick in Woods

Wildlife Cam 2 & Wildlife Cam 3 are both single camera streaming feeds. These cameras are portable systems located up to 1000 feet from power/Internet source. The power and video signal is run through a single cable. We will move these cameras around to different locations from bird nesting sites in the spring, whitetail deer feeding locations in the fall, and carcass sites in the winter.

The High Resolution camera on the Wildlife Cam 2 site was provided by CCTV Camera Pros

These are truly unique wildlife webcams and there is nothing like it anywhere in the world. We thoroughly enjoy being able to use our technology to share these educational experiences and unique insights into nature with our viewers.


  Recorded wildlife on the PixController WebCam
10-point whitetail buck captured on remote camera. Click here to play video
Nice 13-point whitetail buck on the main camera. Click here to play video
Rare coyote sighting on the carcass remote camera. Click here to play video
Cross fox on the remote carcass camera. This is a cross between a red fox and an silver fox. Click here to play video
Remote WebCam video clips, deer, turkey, raccoons, and fox. Click here to play video
Red fox and Raccoon fight over a deer carcass. Click here to play video
Turkey vultures. Click here to play video
Whitetail doe on remote camera during the winter. Click here to play
Red-tailed hawks. Click here to play video

 Can I buy or build this same webcam setup?
The PixController wildlife WebCam is a unique setup which is not one of the products we sell. We started the webcam in the spring of 2004. Since then the webcam has evolved into a more advanced system with the combination of many different types of technology.

We designed a system in which we were able to combine our motion-activated electronics with wireless video cameras which are controlled by a custom built video switching system. This enables the camera to bring in different video feeds around our wooded area, which is a feature unique to the PixController webcam.

In short a system like we have cannot be purchased. However, if anyone is interested in streaming a video camera from their backyard to the Internet we suggest looking into the help center. Click here for more information:

We get many questions about the cost of a setup. While our system cost is in the many thousands of dollars and one camera setup can be put together for around $200-$500.



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November 2007

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1. This is a "Family Oriented" site which means all chat conversations must be Rated G.
2. While we respect hunters and the need for hunting this is a wildlife webcam and the animals here are for our viewing pleasure. Please refrain from chat related to killing animals seen on this webcam.
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 Best WebCam Viewing Times

While we can't control nature and which animals are seen on our webcam we do get an array of different species that visit the site daily. Most people enjoy watching the whitetail deer. You are most likely to see them appear on the main camera in the mornings around 8:00 AM Eastern, and sometimes around Noon. However, the remote cameras often have deer appear on them at random times during the day and night.

In the mid morning hours throughout the day you will see groundhogs, gray squirrels, blue jays, chipmunks, mourning doves, wild turkey, various song birds, and the occasional raccoon. The groundhogs are preparing for winter hibernation and will be seen eating a lot during the daylight hours. Right before hibernation they will be seen feeding at night.

During the night hours it's not uncommon to have several whitetail deer show up, but they do not follow any kind of schedule and sightings are random. However, on the main camera you are guaranteed of seeing large numbers of raccoons as this is a favorite feeding spot.

Our 3 motion-activated remote cameras had been active in the past month with a lot of random whitetail deer activity. These cameras can turn on any time during the day or night, which are totally controlled by the wildlife.

 Wildlife Photos from the PixController WebCam