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How the PixController Webcam works...



The PixController Wildlife Webcam is a one of a kind system which was designed and built by PixController, Inc. We first started broadcasting the webcam in 2004 and the system has been updated several times since then. The system consists of a main camera, which is a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera that switches from full color at day to IR (Black & White) at night in order not to scare the animals. We have the ability to move and zoom the camera in on animals that come to the main camera. The main camera unit is about 75 yards from a power source and Internet connection, and the camera is broadcast 24/7 year round for everyone to enjoy.

What makes the PixController Wildlife Webcam truly unique is that we have designed a custom proprietary set of electronics, "base station", that allow us to integrate motion-activated, battery operated, remote camera units out in the filed. These remote cameras will turn on when an animal walks in front of them and transmit a video signal back to our base station. Once the base station senses this incoming video signal it will switch off the video feed from the main camera and start broadcasting the feed from the remote camera unit. Once the animal leaves the remote camera site the feed will switch back over to the main camera.

About the remote cameras

An example photo of a remote motion-activated camera is shown to the right. These camera system consist of a color by day/IR by night video camera, sound MIC, video transmitter, Yagi Long-Range directional antenna, 12V battery, and a solar panel. The camera units are completely portable and we move them around the woods throughout the seasons.

The video & audio signal are transmitted back to a receiver at the base station. The video signal quality will vary from day to day based on the humidly levels and vegetation growth. Both of these items can effect the video quality.

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Copyright , PixController, All Rights Reserved.


Copyright , PixController, All Rights Reserved.