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PixController Video Light II Board 

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Limited Time Offer

The Video Light II Board is the newest our line of lighting boards. The board will accept a wide range MR-11 or MR-16 type light produces enough light for video camcorders, and digital cameras running in movie mode. Can run up to a 75W bulb without requiring any current from the motion control board. Can be used with either our PixController Universal board or PixController LE board, or competitive boards. Requires a 6V or 12V Gel Cell (SLA) battery depending on the type of bulb you use.

 The bulb has a 5000 hour rating, but I will be carrying additional bulbs on my web site if you need a replacement. Note: you can run your PixController board off of the same 6/12V "Gel Cell" or "Sealed Lead Acid" Battery supply as you do the video light. This board will work with the PixController Universal and the original PixController board.

The board will include a light bulb (MR-16 type), power connector, and interface cable for the PixController board (or other boards).

The board size is a small 2” X 2" and has 4 (6-32" machine screw) mounting holes.

We carry a 2" X 2" IR filter which can be used with the video light for users that want to produce IR emitted light. This can be useful for Sony NightShot camcorders, or IR modified digital cameras for taking stills and movies. This will product a 40' to 60' IR spot light for your Sony camcorder in NightShot mode. There will be a very slight red glow from the IR filter. We recommend masking off the light internally by putting the bulb into a PVC tube. If you mount the light into the non-component "back mount" side you can run the PVC tubing from the IR filter to the board. 


Video Light II Examples

The following video clips were taken with a LANC Universal board and a Video Light II w/ IR Filter and w/o IR filter.
Click on the photo to play the movie.

Video example using a 45W MR16 Halogen bulb with the PixController 2" X 2" IR filter. Sony camcorder in NightShot mode.

Video example using a 45W MR16 Halogen bulb.

Using an IR filter for Sony NightShot mode
You may want to have some small air gap between the IR filter (if you use one) and the bulb. If you run the bulb for any amount of time it will be come hot and can melt the IR filter.


Features of the board include:

  • Removable 45 watt, 12V halogen light bulb.
  • Push-button switch for testing the light.
  • “Pull to ground” connection type cable, which connects to your external light port on your PixController board or other control boards.
  • Power cable to connect to your 12V "Gel Cell" or "Sealed Lead Acid" battery.

         Kit includes interface cables
         1. Power Cable (12V battery) "Red/Black cable"
         2. Flash cable - connects to your PixContorller's external light port "White/Black cable"

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