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Visual Media Explorer™ Flash Animation Tutorials

Click on the links below to play the Flash Animation
which will demonstrate the Windows Application.

  Using Visual Media Explorer™ 

Browsing Images - Demonstrates the functionality of "Browsing" images on your computer.  Show you how move between folders on your computer and display your images as thumbnails.  This tutorial will cover how to email images, copy images to another folder, show the main menu items, how to "Right Click" on an image thumbnail, show files by filename, and multi-select images.

Moving, Copying, Deleting, Renaming Images - This Tutorial will show you how to Copy or Move your images from one folder to another.  It will even show you how to create folders easily in Visual Media Explorer™.  Lastly it will show you how to rename your images.

Printing - Shows how to use the multi-printing application.  This is an easy way to print multiple images per page.  This will show you how to set up header and footers on your pages as well as showing you how to display captions under your images.  You can even save your print setting!

Slide Show - Slide Show functions are easy in Visual Media Explorer™.  This demonstration shows you how to show a slide show of a current folder, or just selected images in that folder.

Photo Albums - Photo Albums are a powerful function of Visual Media Explorer™.  This demonstration will show you how to create a Photo Album, save your list, and load your list.  

Batch Conversion and Batch Processing - This Tutorial will show you how to rotate several images at one time in a folder.  The next example here will cover how to convert a folder of images into a TIFF image format.

Visual Media Explore™ Settings

Preferences SettingsCustomize your Visual Media Explorer™ with the Preferences Settings.  This example will show you how to setup customized the filename view settings.  Note that in the preference settings you can adjust the size of the thumbnail display, add support for custom tools, and custom application software.

Adding Third Party Image Viewers Software - This tutorial will cover adding custom tools to the Visual Media Explorer™.  The tool added will appear in the Tool menu on the main screen.  This example shows how easily you can add your favorite image editing tools to be used with Visual Media Explorer™.  Examples show you how to add MS Paint® and Paint Shop Pro®, note: these must be installed on your system in order to function.
Using your Digital Camera, Scanner, and Video Camcorder

Scanning Photos - Visual Media Explorer™ has full TWAIN support for Scanners, Web Cameras, and Digital Cameras.  This example will show you how to scan a photograph in and save it as a digital image. (note: you must have a TWAIN device listed above to use this feature).

Your Digital Camera Images - Your USB supported Digital Camera or USB Digital Camera Card reader is supported with Visual Media Explore™.  These devices will show up as one of the "Drives" under the Tree View.  In this tutorial the USB Digital Camera is "F" Drive.  Here we will show you how to move your digital pictures from your digital camera on to a folder on your computer.  (note: you must have a device listed above to use this feature).

Playing and Editing Movie Files - This Tutorial will cover parts "Video Capture Application" found under the Main <File> menu or <Applications> menu.  This example will show you how to play and MPEG video file and save frames from the video as digital images.

Adding Text Comments and Keywords into your Digital Images

Adding Metadata Keywords - Any JPEG, GIF, TIFF, or PNG digital image has the capability to embed or store text information in the image files as well as the image (picture).  This tutorial will show you one of the tools included with Visual Media Explore™ to add text and keywords into these image file formats.  Adding Keywords means that text will be added in the form of "Keyword=Value", or and example "City=Pittsburgh".  This is know as a "Keyword Value Pair".  These keywords then can be searched using other applications in Visual Media Explorer™.

Searching for Images based on Keywords - This tutorial will show you how to search for images based on Keywords stored in them.  You can search for items like the "Location" a picture was taken, or if you embed GPS coordinates in an image you can find images in a GPS range.  This is a very powerful feature found in Visual Media Explorer™ that you won't find in other image viewers.

Finding Images on your computer - This tutorial will show you how you can use the "Windows Find File" feature to search for images on your computer and place them into an Image File List.  You can search for file names, or text embedded in your digital images with this feature.

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