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PixController Slave Flash Controller
Copyright February 2005, PixController Inc., All rights reserved.
Connecting Flash Units

Introduction Specs Settings Connecting Flash Units About Slave Flash Building Systems

These flash units can generates 350V DC which is stored in a large capacitor on the board. This voltage will not kill you, but will deliver a nasty SHOCK! For this reason, the project has a great benefit. It will teach you to work very carefully on equipment with high voltages and if you do get a shock, you will appreciate electricity EVEN MORE! Simply discharge the large capacitor with a screwdriver or jumper lead before working on the circuit. You don't want to get a bite or tingle each time I pick up or work on the board.  

There is no reason why beginners cannot experience working on this project as it contains non-lethal high voltages and is a very good grounding for electrical safety.  

General Wiring Diagram
How to connect any Flash Unit to the PixController Slave Flash Controller

Note: Do not use a Sealed Lead Acid battery (Gel Cell) to power your strobe flash.
The internal resistance of these batteries can cause the strobe board to
pull too much current damaging the PixController Slave Flash board.
Because of the unique design PixController developed for our Slave Flash
product a SLA battery will not be needed.

PixController Micro Photo Flash Board

The PixController Micro Photo Flash board is a tiny flash board, which measures only 1.90" X 1.60".

How to wire the PixController Micro Flash board to the PixController Slave Flash Controller

PixController Mini Photo Flash Board

Board size of 1.93" X 2.20". This board will produce a flash slightly brighter than the Micro board.

How to wire the PixController Mini Flash board to the PixController Slave Flash Controller

ProMaster FM600 Flash Unit

The ProMaster FM600 will produce a very bright flash, which is on the order of 2X - 3X brighter than the Micro and Mini flash boards, but not as bright as the Vivitar 2000 flash.

How to wire the ProMaster FM600 to the PixController Slave Flash Controller

Vivitar 2000 Electronic Flash

This Vivitar 2000 Flash will produce the brightest flash of all units shown here, although this can be too bright in some applications. Subjects too close to the flash will become washed out and appear white in the photograph.

How to wire the Vivitar 2000 Electronic Flash to the PixController Slave Flash Controller

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Copyright , PixController, All Rights Reserved.

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Copyright , PixController, All Rights Reserved.

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