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PixController Slave Flash Controller
Copyright February 2005, PixController Inc., All rights reserved.
About Slave Flash

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How Slave Flash Works

Most digital cameras today usually have an inadequate built in flash and lack any facility to use an external flash. Standard slave flash units will not work with most digital cameras because these cameras use a very rapid series of pre-flashes (we're not talking about red-eye reduction). The pre-flashes are used to set the white balance of the camera's CCD chip - not the exposure. A typical slave unit will fire on the first pre-flash it senses while the digital camera captures the image on the last flash. Thus the extra light from the slave does not show up in the digital camera photo.

Our slave flash units are specially designed to fire on the correct flash sensed by our Exclusive Learning Mode Feature! This feature will allow any camera on the market to be used with our slave flash controller.  When using our learning mode feature simply point your camera towards the Photo Flash Sensor, shutter a photo with flash, and our board will count the pre-flashes your camera has, store the number in an on-board memory, and fire the remote flash on the last pre-flash from your camera.

Our slave flash controller uses a Photo Flash detector to detect the flash from your camera, and no electrical connection to the camera is required.

The above example shows the before and after photos taken using an Olympus D-395, which  has a very poor built in flash unit. The after photo shows the result of using our slave flash controller, which will fire on the last pre-flash to produce this brilliant and bright photo!

Power Saving Feature
Our slave flash controller is unique from other slave flash controllers such as the Wein Peanut Slave Flash
controller in that our controller uses a Day/Night sensor to power down the attached flash unit during day light hours, thus saving battery life on the flash unit more than two times! Don't be fooled by other offering a "Stop gap solution" to this problem either. It will be expensive and will not match anywhere close to the performance of the PixContorller Slave Flash Controller!

With our Slave Flash controller you have the ability to control the refresh rate of the attached flash unit. This also is an exclusive feature of our controller. With this feature you can match the specs of the attached flash unit to keep the flash unit fully charged and ready to fire at any instant. This feature will allow you to connect any flash unit!

IR Camera Flash Detection
Our Flash Photo sensor is sensitive enough to pick up on IR light produced from a digital camera with an IR filter over the flash, which produces the IR light. Using a remote slave flash unit with an IR filter you will be able to brighten up your typically dark IR digital photos with adding more IR light to your system!

Example Photos Using Slave Flash

Sony DSC-P32 Example - Before and after photos using the PixController Micro and Mini, ProMaster FM600, and Vivitar 2000 flash units.

Olympus D-395 Example - Before and after photos using the PixController Micro and Mini, ProMaster FM600, and Vivitar 2000 flash units.

Remote Slave Flash Test Photo - Photos by Don Letho.

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Copyright , PixController, All Rights Reserved.

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Copyright , PixController, All Rights Reserved.

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