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Remote VideoEye™
Product Specification
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Overview  |  Specs  |  Example Setups and Uses

Remote VideoEye™ System Components

Remote VideoEye Controller Box

Remote VideoEye SlimFire Remote
Control Unit

Remote VideoEye™ Exterior Components

Remote VideoEyeUser DIP Switch

The 8-position User DIP Switch will let you customize how the Remote VideoEye™ will control the attached camcorder. Here you can adjust the addresses of the camcorders to respond to remote wireless commands, using camcorder zoom control, turning the LED on or off, putting the unit into test mode, and using the sound indicator.

Remote VideoEyePower Switch

Remote VideoEye™ Interior Components

Remote VideoEye™ System Specs

  • Size: 6-3/8” Long, 4 3/4” Wide,  2-1/8” Tall

  • Case: Pelican 1020 Waterproof/Weather Proof ABS plastic case, Mossy Oak Camo Dipped

  • Ports: Sony LANC compatible camcorder control port

  • Cables: 2.5mm stereo cable

  • Wireless RF Range: Up to ~180 feet Line of Sight (LOS)

  • Antenna: 4” Removable Tilt-Swivel Antenna

  • Battery: 4AA Batteries lasting 3-4 months of normal use

  • Recording Indicator: Super Bright LED

  • Triggering Devices: X10 SlimFire Remote, X10 Wireless PIR Motion Sensor

  • User DIP Switch: Select up to 8 different wireless addresses, control camcorder zoom function, control test mode, LED control, and sound control

Connecting Remote VideoEye™ to your camcorder

Before powering up the Remote VideoEye™ unit you will need to connect the LANC Cable to your Camcorder unit. Your camcorder will need to be either a Sony or Canon camcorder with a LANC editing port. If you are unsure if your camcorder has a LANC editing port please see the instruction manual sold with your camcorder.

Note: Be sure to screw in the antenna into the antenna port before using. The antenna may be removed for transporting or storing the Remote VideoEye™ unit.


 In most cases you would like to know if your Remote VideoEye™ receives the wireless commands. When the LED is turned on it will light up upon the “On” command from your SlimFire remote or X10 Wireless PIR motion sensor.

The default mode is in the “on” position.


Recording LED indicator can be seen from 200+ feet on the Remote VideoEye™ when recording.

Does my Camcorder have a LANC port?
If you have either a Sony or Canon camcorder it may have a LANC port.  The LANC port is normally marked with this symbol: , but older Sony models may be marked by a "REMOTE" in blue letters.  Some models are marked by "Control-L".

What is a LANC Port? 

LANC was developed by Sony, but Sony has licensed LANC to other manufactures of 8mm, Hi8, MiniDV, DVD, and other recording media camcorders. LANC support is found many of the older 8mm and Hi8 Sony camcorders, and on most high end Sony/Canon camcorders. LANC connectors are usually 2.5mm stereo mini plugs - about the size of a Walkman headphone. Some devices use a circular 5-pin DIN jack.LANC connectors are normally labeled LANC, Control-L, Remote, or designated with a special LANC symbol that resembles an "L" inscribed in a circle (see photo above). To determine whether or not your camcorder is LANC compatible check the camcorder users’ manual, ask your dealer, or contact the manufacturer directly.

Camcorders with LANC Ports:

Below is a listing of LANC Compatible Camcorder Models compiled from data, but this list is not totally complete, as new models are routinely being manufactured and some models have likely been missed or mistakenly included, but it is a fairly accurate snap-shot of all LANC compatible camcorders. Note that some of the LANC compatible models listed have had the LANC jack removed in later years of production. For example, the 2006 models of the Sony HC26 are no longer LANC compatible.

Note that many of these camcorders are no longer in production, however, many of these LANC compatible camcorders can be found on at very low prices.

Hi8 and 8mm Camcorders with LANC jacks:

Most 8mm and older Hi8 camcorders manufactured by the following:
Sony, Canon, Nikon, Ricoh, Hitachi, Yashika, Sanyo, Olympus, Blaupunkt, Grundig, Fujix, Kyocera, Siemens, Fisher, and possibly other makes.
Current and recent Hi8 camcorder models generally do not have a LANC jack.

You should further verify if a particular 8mm or older Hi8 camcorder actually has a LANC jack (most do - some don't).

Digital Camcorders with LANC (or Remote) jacks:
Please Note: The models listed represent the first year in production, and subsequent production years of the same model may not be LANC compatible. You should always further verify the actual presence of a LANC (Remote) jack.


Elura, Elura 2 MC, Elura 40 MC, Elura 50
GL1, GL2
Optura, Optura 100 MC, Optura 200 MC, Optura PI
ZR10, ZR20, ZR25 MC, ZR30 MC, ZR40 MC, ZR45 MC, ZR50 MC

Sony DCR-Series:

DVD92, DVD100, DVD101, DVD103, DVD105, DVD200, DVD201, DVD203, DVD205, DVD300, DVD301, DVD305, DVD308, DVD403, DVD405, DVD408, DVD505, DVD508
HC16, HC20, HC21, HC26, HC30, HC32, HC40, HC42, HC65, HC85, HC90, HC96, HC1000
IP45, IP55, IP210, IP220
PC1, PC2, PC3, PC4, PC5, PC6, PC7, PC8, PC9, PC10, PC100, PC101, PC105, PC109, PC110, PC115, PC120BT, PC300, PC330, PC350, PC1000
SR62, SR80, SR82, SR100, SR200,SR300
TRV6, TRV7, TRV8, TRV9, TRV10, TRV11, TRV15, TRV16, TRV17, TRV18, TRV19, TRV20, TRV22, TRV25, TRV27, TRV30, TRV33, TRV38, TRV39, TRV40, TRV50, TRV80, TRV85, TRV103, TRV110, TRV115, TRV230, TRV240, TRV310, TRV320, TRV330, TRV340, TRV350, TRV350 D8, TRV530, TRV720, TRV740, TRV820, TRV900, TRV940, TRV950
VX700, VX7000
DVR-TRV-7 (DVR Series)

Sony HDR-Series:

HC1, HC3, HC5, HC7
UX1, UX5, UX7

Sony HVR-Series:



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