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PC Setup Software


The Raptor System includes a powerful PC application which lets you configure the Raptor camera system for many functions shown below. Simply remove the included USB Flash Drive from your Raptor System and insert it into your USB drive of your PC to setup and save the Raptor configuration. Many of these setting may also be set on the Raptor System using the menu keypad and LCD display.

Settings Include:
  • Motion-Activation Trigger or Time-Lapse Mode
  • Email address, subject, email text body
  • Status Emails and Low Battery Shutdown Mode
  • SMTP or FTP photo transmission
  • Camera Adjustments
  • Mode Setting - Day only, Night only, 24-hour, or Scheduler
  • Cellular and WiFi Configurations
  • Remotely configure Raptor Unit in the field and request on-demand photos/GPS

General Setup

The General Tab lets you configure your Raptor system for Sensor Mode, which means the unit will be triggered by the built in PIR sensor or external wireless PIR sensor depending on the model you have. If setup in Sensor Event mode you can select delays between PIR events in order to limit the Raptor from taking too many photos in high traffic areas.

You can also setup the Raptor system in Time-Lapse mode. In this setting the Raptor will ignore PIR motion events and take photos based on the times specified by the user. This mode is useful for applications such as watching a remote job site or river levels.

The Low Battery Shutdown setting lets the user configure the minimum voltage before the Raptor enters the low battery shutdown mode. When going into this mode the Raptor will notify you via email and power back up automatically when a stable running voltage is reached. You will need to purchase the optional solar panel in order to have the Raptor system re-start remotely after going into low battery shutdown mode.


Email Settings

The Raptor can send emails up to 10 recipients. In this setup feature you can enter the email addresses, email subject, and senders email address.

Other features include how emails are configured such as default mode which will send the photos as an attachment along with the text message, text message only, or none. When setup in "none" mode the Raptor will behave like a standard trail camera, which is useful if your system is out of cellular or WiFi range.

Lastly, your Raptor can be setup to send a daily or weekly status text email which will notify you of the Raptor battery level, GPS position (with optional GPS), and radio signal level.

Camera Settings

The Camera setting tab lets you set a camera description, which is a text body sent along with the email body. You can also setup a camera ID if using several Raptor cameras.

The camera trigger setting lets setup the time before a photo it taken on a motion event. Typically this is set at 1 second, but can be set to longer times to gain more colorful photos at day, or gray scale photos at night. Lastly, you can configure the camera resolution.

Schedule Setting

The Active Schedule box lets you setup the Raptor System for 24-hour activity, Day only activity, or Night only Activity. When selecting the “Use Schedule Grid” setting this allows you to setup blocks of time where the Raptor System will not take trigger events. This is very useful when setting the Raptor System up in a work place setting where you want the Raptor System to be inactive during work hours. Simply drag you mouse across the blocks to fill them in. The green high lighted colors will let you set times the Raptor System will be inactive. You can also set the “Set” or “Clear” buttons off to the right to set a whole day or clear a whole day.

SMTP and FTP Setup

This setting will let your Raptor system send photos and text via SMTP (photos sent as an attachment through email), or FTP (photo sent directly to a web server). The Raptor system gives you the option to send in either mode depending on your application.

Cellular Settings

The Cellular setting will let you setup your APN or Internet Access Point for your GSM/GPRS Cellular provider.

APN SETUP (Internet Access Point) - The various GSM providers all use APNs but implement them differently. For example, some by default will not allow mobile terminated connections while others use RADIUS servers and require user name/password authentication in addition to SIM authentication.

WiFi Setup

Wifi Network Setup (WiFi Tab) is where the network settings are entered. Future versions will permit dynamic detection of and connection to unsecured WiFi networks, but as of this release the network you want to connect to must be specified explicitly here. You may need to check your wireless router settings or speak to your IT department to get the correct settings.

(COTA) Configuration update Over-The-Air

This option allows a user to remotely configure all Raptor settings by transmitting configuration files to Raptor camera units in the field from your PC. This is our Remote Control feature. Other functions include photos and GPS location on demand, and retrieving error logs. This powerful function is known as Configuration update Other-The-Air (COTA).


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