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COTA Remote Control Feature

About Raptor Cellular Wi-Fi PC Setup Remote Control Cellular Plans Accessories Example Photos   Applications

  • Request Photos and GPS Position on-demand

  • Update Raptor parameters such as email addresses from PC

  • Download log files remotely

  • Request battery status

  • Send COTA command from PC or Cell Phone



This option allows a user to remotely configure all Raptor settings by transmitting configuration files to Raptor camera units in the field from your PC or by sending text commands from your cellular phone. Other functions include photos and GPS location on demand, battery status, and retrieving error logs. This powerful function is known as Configuration update Over-The-Air (COTA).

This requires a camera equipped with firmware version 2.00a or later, as well as this version 2.00 or later of the PC PixController Raptor Config software on a PC with Internet access. The other requirement is an FTP server account. The FTP server acts as a communication medium between the configuration program and the remote camera units, as well as a repository in which a synchronized copy of each camera’s configuration settings can be kept. In this way, remote configuration update can be done from any computer without having to worry about whether the settings are up-to-date.
Remote cameras do COTA updates on a user-selectable cycle of every 10 minutes, hourly, or daily. This is how often the Raptor will “wake up” and check the FTP server for update requests. Four actions can be requested remotely – Configuration Update, Error Log Retrieval, GPS Fix Retrieval, and Remotely Triggered Image Acquisition/Transmission.

The COTA server can be any FTP server to which the user has access. The IT department of most agencies should be able to provide an FTP account that can be used for this purpose. Also, many Internet providers include a certain amount of web space that is accessed by an FTP server. FTP accounts may also be available through for a one-time $15 fee.

Raptor External Device Port

Raptor External Device Port  (coming soon)

The Raptor Device Port is an optional port for the Raptor™ wireless cameras and UndercoverEye™ Raptor systems. This option includes an external industrial connector and cable system for connecting 12V devices to the Raptor system for control options. The Device Port is set up to control two different 12V devices. One device is set up for momentary control such as solenoids, and the other device is set up for peripheral devices such as IP cameras and gateways.

COTA Functions include:
  • Peripheral Re-Boot
  • Peripheral Power Up
  • Peripheral Power Down
  • Trigger Device

This powerful feature will let your Raptor be used for new applications such as remote control animal trapping such as trapping feral hogs or powering on/off live streaming IP cameras on-demand. The new COTA functions include a 1-minute update cycle for fast latency control.

Control your Raptor remotely with the COTA tab in the PC Setup Software

Raptor Firmware Upgrade

Customers who previously purchased Raptor system can download the few firmware update with the new Remote Control feature free of charge from our Downloads section. Customers need to download the Raptor Firmware V2.00 or greater, the Raptor Config PC Software V2.00 or greater, and the Raptor Manual V2.00 or greater.

Download Raptor Firmware Update Manual

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