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Remote Camera Applications

Remote Site Security

Remote site security is one of the most difficult areas to protect due to the lack of power or Internet access. The Raptor Camera system is one of the best security devices to protect areas such as remote gates, gas well sites such as Marcellus Shale Well sites and Natural Gas Well sites, remote cabins, and remote gate entrances.

The Raptor Camera system with the metal locking enclosure with integrated solar panel is one of the best products on the market today to monitor these remote areas. This is a self contained portable system which can be moved into these remote area and notify instantly via email or SMS phone message with a photo of the intruder.

The solar panel will ensure the system can remain in the field for over a year without needing any kind of servicing.

Construction & Jobsite Security

Construction theft is one of the largest problems communities face today. Experts estimating annual losses at roughly $1 billion. cContractors, equipment dealers, insurance companies, equipment manufacturers all suffer when job sites are vandalized or equipment and materials are stolen.

One of the best tools contractors have today to fight construction site theft is the PixController Raptor Wireless Camera system. A system can be setup on-site and notify you instantly when the motion sensor is tripped. The instant visual feedback a Raptor Camera gives will let you know if you have an intruder on site so you can take the necessary actions.

Using the Scheduler feature of the Raptor Camera you can have the camera setup to ignore motion events during work hours and activate itself at the end of the work day.

Setting the Raptor camera system in time-lapse mode contractors can keep an eye on construction sites during the day to be sure work crews are on-site.

Graffiti and Municipal Vandalism

Graffiti is a growing problem for police services across the country, particularly in urban centers. Defacing public or private property projects negative images of a community and it also decreases property values.

Because of its rising prevalence in many areas and the high costs typically associated with cleanup and prevention graffiti is not routinely reported to police. It is estimated $12 billion a year is spent cleaning up graffiti in the United States alone.

The Raptor Wireless Camera System is a perfect remote security system police and communities can use effectively to solve graffiti and Municipal vandalism problems. Raptor Wireless Camera systems can be installed in remote areas and left for months at a time unattended.


Remote Time-Lapse Monitoring

Time-lapse alert systems are sometimes used to monitor river waters, water reservoirs, forest mountain tops for fire, and even construction jobsites. By using the Raptor Camera system photos can be taken on a daily basis, or any interval, and have the photos transmitted directly to a central monitoring station or computer network.

These remote sites can be monitored remotely avoiding the need for expensive repeat surveys and manual intervention. The Raptor systems may be interrogated by requesting 'on demand' photos using our Remote Control function.

In construction jobsite applications users can monitor remotely the progress of building and/or check to be sure jobsite staff is present. Using the schedule feature the Raptor can be configured to only take photos when work crews are present.
Scouting Deer and Wildlife Research

The use of trail cameras to scout whitetail deer is one of the largest hunting phenomenon today. Most hunters desire an effective wireless solution to their trail camera scouting needs, however, most systems on the market today do not function well. The PixController Raptor solves this problem by offering the best cellular trail camera and wireless trail camera solution on the market today.

Studying wildlife movements without disturbing habitat areas is the most effective way to observe wildlife. Features such as long battery life, IR night photos, and wireless delivery of photos makes the Raptor system ideal for this application.





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