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PixController Universal Camera Controller Board 
Sony DSC-P41 Example (Sony DSC-PXX PIC Chip)

Overview Specs Board Dimensions Motion Sensor Camera Port Phone Jack 2.5mm Port



Sony DSC-P41 Example using the Sony DSC-PXX chip

Built By: Wil Lanfear

The above example uses the PixController Universal board with Sony DSC-P41 digital camera using the Sony DSC-PXX PIC chip.

Parts List:
  1. PixController Universal with Sony DSC-PXX PIC chip
  2. Board Mounting Kit
  3. 4 AA Battery Holder
4. External switch (Part No. SWT001)
  5. Camo Dipped Pelican 1120 case from, note: you can use the smaller Pelican 1060 or 1040 case for this project.
  6. Small U-Bolts.
  7. Glass - glued down using Marine GOOP. You need two separate pieces of glass.
  8. Large Rubber Washer - Mask off Camera Lens from Flash to avoid flash bleed.

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