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PixController Universal Camera Controller Board 
Minolta X-20 Example (Minolta-U PIC Chip)

Overview Specs Board Dimensions Motion Sensor Camera Port Phone Jack 2.5mm Port


Minolta DiMage X20 in a Pelican 1020 case

Built by: Dan Behm

The above example uses the PixController Universal board with the Minolta-U PIC chip.

Parts List
 1. PixController Universal with Minolta-U PIC chip
 2. Board Mounting Kit
 3. Glass
 4. External Switch
 5. 9V Battery
 6. Small U-Bolts
 7. Pelican 1020 Case

Notes from a posting Dan made on JHO about building his camera.
I like the way Bills new board functions with the LED's and auto walk test mode then goes rite into arm mode. Gives you flash indication on each process. User friendly. I was concerned about the side mount dip switch and sensitivity pot for access, but now after seeing it, its really easy to get to and does work out rather well and can be used in front or back modes relatively easily.

I wanted to use the phone cord connection, but I actually had to remove the phone port from the board it was to large to work off the .50" standoffs. was not allowing for clearance. so I hard soldered to the board and used the servo connector for quick connect

Its a 3d Camo effect. developed by others, Gunn Doc originated this effect. Its construction adhesive laid on and smoothed then a razor blades used to create a Bark effect as it tacks up, then paint it to choice. I use 4-5 colors on mine Black as a base sprayed on then 4 follow up colors that blend to my area and tress I place my cameras. I have some Moss on trees by me, so added the green , they blend real nice.

The 9 volt battery is in a holder and attached to the case with stainless #6 x 32 machine screws pan head. Thru to the backside of the case... on backside on nut heads are cut off and ground flat and then Gooped to seal 100% waterproof.

The Camera sits in the cavity and is held in place with the board insert, I used the hinge Bungee setup, But did not like it in this small setup. so used the foam to incase the came and a Backing block to apply light pressure on the backside of the cam to seal against face gasket. worked out pretty well I'm happy with it.

More Photos

Recommended Minolta Camera Settings

under menu... item 1
key function> flash mode
sensitivity> Iso 400
auto reset> off
voice memo> off
date imprint> month/day/hour/minute
Under menu Item 2
digital zoom> off
Inst playback> off
file and memory> off
folder name> standard
Under setup item 1:
Lcd brightness medium low
all others default

setup menu item 2:
audio signals> off
shutter> off
volume> low
power off> 3 min

setup menu item 3:
date time set> current date and time
date format> month/day/year
all others default

Under flash mode> fill flash
WB> White balance auto
quality> fine Im using a 64 meg card
image size> 640x 480
everything else default

make sure the slide switch is set to camera and not movie mode

That's about it... How did you like the hack on this camera? pretty small contacts aren't they? definitely need a VERYYYY Small soldering iron lotsa light and some eye assistance.

good luck with your cam, I'm really happy with the X 20 Its a VERY small setup and fast to shutter. 



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