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PixController Universal Camera Controller Board 
Phone Jack Port

Overview Specs Board Dimensions Motion Sensor Camera Port Phone Jack 2.5mm Port


Phone Jack Port
Another useful camera connector is the "Camera Phone Jack Port". This is a "4 position - 4 conductor" phone style jack used in phone head sets. This connector has the following camera control functions: Camera Shutter, Camera Refresh (auto focus), Camera Power On/Off, and Ground/Common. This is a great connector for the RSS, RSP, RSP3i and RSP4i camera wiring methods. 

Note: The included phone cable for the phone jack can come in 2 different types of configurations: Please make note if you have the Standard or Reverse Cable.

If the wiring for the phone line you have is BRGY
  (Standard Cable)

     Black -> Shutter
     Red -> Refresh
     Green -> Power on/off
     Yellow -> Common or Ground

If the wiring for the phone line you have is YGRB
  (Reverse Cable)

     Yellow -> Shutter
     Green-> Refresh
     Red -> Power on/off
     Black -> Common or Ground

When wiring your camera to the Phone Jack port please follow the color guides listed above for the correct wire color and not the wire colors in the camera modification PDF files listed on this web site.

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