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PixController Universal Camera Controller Board 
RS-232 (Plug-n-Play connection for RS-232 Digital Cameras)

Overview Specs Board Dimensions Motion Sensor Camera Port Phone Jack 2.5mm Port



The RS-232 PixController Universal is a complete electronic kit to construct a Wildlife Trail Digital Camera System, or Remote Digital Camera Security System. The board uses an integrated Passive Infrared (PIR) detector which detects body heat and motion to trigger more than 90 Commercial Digital Cameras. The advantage of this type of unit is that you simply connect your camera to the board with a Serial Cable (supplied with your camera).  Below is a list of all cameras supported by this board. The User Switch Settings let you adjust the delay between photos, set the type of camera attached to the system, double photo mode, and setup the Walk-Test PIR mode. To purchase the RS-232 PixController Universal just purchase the PixController Universal with the RS-232 PIC Chip.

With a recommended 4 AA Cell battery supply you will get approximately 8 months of continuous use.
Purchase NiMH Rechargeable Batteries Here

Using the 2.5mm Port
In order to use the 2.5mm port with cameras such as the Olympus D-340R or D-360L you must configure the solder jumpers. For more information click here. You must solder jumpers J3, J5, and J9 for the before mentioned digital cameras.

    Photo of the needed solder jumpers.
      Click on photo for a larger image.

New Style Cable

    The Base Ring is the Copper solder braid. (RS-232 Tx)
    Mid Ring is the Red wire. (RS-232 Ground)
    Tip is the White wire. (RS-232 Rx)

Old Style Cable

    The Base Ring is the Copper solder braid. (RS-232 Tx)
    Mid Ring is the White wire. (RS-232 Ground)
    Tip is the Red wire. (RX-232 Rx)

   Note2: If you re-configure the 2.5mm port you MUST remove any previous solder jumpers first.


Special Serial Cable Notes:

For the Nikon Cool PIX 995 you will need to make your RS-232 cable from these instructions:

For the Olympus C-400, C-400L, C-410L, C-800L, D-200L, D-300L (which use an 8-pin round DIN type connector) you will need to follow these instructions for building a serial cable:

DIN-8 Male Serial Connector

Pin Functions
Pin 3:       RS-232 Tx, Connect to Rx on the Universal boards Camera Port
Pin 4 & 8: Ground, Connect to ground on Universal board Camera Port
Pin 5:       RS-232 Rx, Connect to Tx on Universal board Camera Port

Types of Digital Cameras that can be used

Listed below are the types of digital cameras the Universal RS-232 board. Devices are connected to the Control board VIA the Cameras serial cable (plug-n-play), and do not require any camera modifications. This is a great way for a beginner in the trail camera building market to start out.

The cameras on this list have not all been tested, but most of the Olympus cameras should work. The Universal RS-232 requires that the camera meets the RS-232 spec of +/- 12V generation. If the camera does not meet the RS-232 spec there is a good chance the camera will not function properly with the Universal RS-232 board.

The Olympus D-340R and D-360L have been tested and work properly. We recommend these cameras for trail camera use with the Universal RS-232 board. Even though these cameras are no longer made they can easily be found and purchased on eBay. Do a search on the description for Olympus D-360L to locate a camera.

If you find that a camera does work please email us as and we will make note of it for other users.

RS-232 Digital Cameras
Bold Red cameras that should work
Italic Blue untested cameras

Agfa ePhoto 1280
Agfa ePhoto 1680
Agfa ePhoto 307
Agfa ePhoto 780
Agfa ePhoto 780C

Apple QuickTake 150
Apple QuickTake 200

Chinon ES-1000

Epson PhotoPC 3000z
Epson PhotoPC 500
Epson PhotoPC 550
Epson PhotoPC 600
Epson PhotoPC 700
Epson PhotoPC 800

Nikon CoolPix 100
Nikon CoolPix 300
Nikon CoolPix 700
Nikon CoolPix 800
Nikon CoolPix 880
Nikon CoolPix 900
Nikon CoolPix 900S
Nikon CoolPix 910
Nikon CoolPix 950
Nikon CoolPix 950S
Nikon CoolPix 990

Olympus C-1000L
Olympus C-1400L
Olympus C-1400XL
Olympus C-2000Z
Olympus C-2020Z
Olympus C-2040Z
Olympus C-2100UZ
Olympus C-2500L
Olympus C-2500Z
Olympus C-3000Z
Olympus C-3030Z
Olympus C-400
Olympus C-400L
Olympus C-410
Olympus C-410L
Olympus C-420
Olympus C-420L
Olympus C-800
Olympus C-800L
Olympus C-820
Olympus C-820L
Olympus C-830L
Olympus C-840L
Olympus C-900L Zoom
Olympus C-900 Zoom

Olympus D-100Z
Olympus D-200L
Olympus D-220L
Olympus D-300L
Olympus D-320L
Olympus D-330R
Olympus D-340L
Olympus D-340R
Olympus D-360L
Olympus D-400L Zoom
Olympus D-450Z
Olympus D-460Z
Olympus D-500L
Olympus D-600L
Olympus D-600XL
Olympus D-620L

Panasonic Coolshot NV-DCF5E

Sanyo DSC-X300
Sanyo DSC-X350
Sanyo VPC-G200
Sanyo VPC-G200EX
Sanyo VPC-G210
Sanyo VPC-G250

Sierra Imaging SD640


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