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PixController Universal Camera Controller Board 
2.5mm Connector

Overview Specs Board Dimensions Motion Sensor Camera Port Phone Jack 2.5mm Port


The PixController Universal board has an on-board 2.5mm stereo connector, which can be configured for a LANC port, RS-232 port, or RSS port with the solder jumpers J1 - J9. By using your soldering iron you can build a solder bridge over the desired jumper. Below is a list of the jumpers and what control each jumper performs.

LANC and ACC Terminal Configuration
 Solder Jumper:  J1, and J7

RS-232 Configuration (Olympus cameras such as the D-340R and D-360L)
 Solder Jumpers: J3, J5, J9

RSS Configuration (requires putting a 2.5mm female connector in the camera (Part No. CAB001)
 Solder Jumpers: J2, J5, J8

Sony DSC-PXX, Sony U30, RSP3i, Minolta X20, and other Power On/Off Camera Control
  See... "On/Off 2.5mm Connector Wiring" listed at the bottom of this page

How to make a solder jumper

When soldering a jumper you must connect both pads with solder to make a good connection. This is known as a solder bridge. To do this heat up the pad with the tip of your soldering iron and then apply solder. Simply drag the tip of your iron to the other pad and adding solder at the same time. You will get a small bubble of solder connecting the pads.


Example photo of the LANC jumper configuration. Jumpers J1 and J7.

Example photo of the RS-232 jumper configuration. Jumpers J3, J5, and J9.

2.5mm Cable Information
 The included 2.5mm cable with your PixController Universal kit can be cut and soldered into the camera port if you desire other uses.  

New Style Cable

    The Base Ring is the Copper solder braid.
    Mid Ring is the Red wire.
    Tip is the White wire.

Old Style Cable

    The Base Ring is the Copper solder braid.
    Mid Ring is the White wire.
    Tip is the Red wire.

Note2: If you re-configure the 2.5mm port you MUST remove any previous solder jumpers first.

On/Off 2.5mm Connector Wiring

Shown in the diagram below marked "Wiring Diagram for On/Off Camera Control using the 2.5mm connector" shows you how to wire the 2.5mm connector to be used with the Sony DSC-PXX-U, RSP3i-U, Minolta-U, Sony DSC-UXX, and all on/off type camera controls except for the RSP4i-U camera control. You simply add small gauge wires as shown below from the Camera Connector to the pads on the 2.5mm connector. Be sure you do not have any solder jumpers in place. If you do you will need to remove them.

You can add the 2.5mm female stereo connector inside your camera if you like. Just make sure you connect the appropriate connections inside the camera. This works well for the Sony DSC-P32, Sony DSC-P41, Olympus D-380, D-370, Minolta X20, and other cameras. This makes the best connection between the camera and cable for a clean setup. We highly recommend this over servo cables which can fail due to too many cable insertions. 

      Wiring Diagram for On/Off Camera Control using the 2.5mm connector

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