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PixController RF
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PixController RF wireless receiver

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Introducing the new PixController RF wireless motion controller board. This new controller works in conjunction with the X10 wireless motion sensors. The X10 wireless motion sensors will transmit a wireless command signal to the PixController RF receiver controller when a motion event is detected. Multiple X10 sensor can control one or more PixController RF controllers from a "Line of Sight" distance of 100 feet or greater depending on the type of receiving antenna used. The PixController RF wireless motion controller board contains all of the motion control ports as does our PixController Universal board and will control a host of digital, 35mm, and video camcorder cameras.

Since the X10 PIR sensor are small, compact, inexpensive, and built for outdoor applications it is ideal for building covert and smaller camera controlled systems. Also, each X10 wireless PIR sensor can be set to a number of unique addresses making applications for the PixController RF controller endless.

  • Trail/Scouting digital and video cameras
  • "Groundhog Cameras" - hidden recording deck and camera trigged by a motion sensor
  • Home security wireless video/camera systems
  • Law Enforcement/Private Investigators covert and portable camera systems
  • Wildlife videographers and research biologists
  • Personal Zone detection system

Comes with a 6 month Warranty

What's Included

PixController RF receiver camera controller board
DC Power cable
External Light cable
Choice of removable/swappable camera controller PIC chip
Choice of 2.5mm or Phone camera cable
4 AA battery holder recommended, but not included. We suggest Part Number: BAT006,
4 AA-Cell Battery Holder w/ 6" Leads, Case, and Switch

Main Board Features

Low power consumption - can run on 4 AA batteries for months.
Day/Night sensor with light level adjusting POT. Set for day only, night only, and 24 hour board use.
Phone Jack port, which has the following camera controls: Shutter, Refresh, Power On/Off, and Common connections. This is a nice port to easily disconnect cameras from the board.
2.5mm stereo connector that can be configured for either a LANC port, ACC Terminal port, JVC J-LIP port, RS-232 port, direct hardwire camera port (for various digital and 35mm cameras), and others with solder jumpers.
Camera Port plug-in type connector. Includes Shutter, Refresh, Power On/Off, LANC, RS-232 Rx, RS-232 Tx, and Common
Reverse polarity protection. This means if you connect your battery up backwards to the board you will not damage the board.
Small board size, 3.50" X 2.70" - can fit into a Pelican 1040 case with camera and battery.
Removable PIC chip for different camera control applications.
Can be set to respond to different PIR wireless addresses.
DIP Switch for easy set-up your board. Set PIR delays (delays between motion events), day/night/24 hour mode, still and movie modes, and much more.
"Line of Sight" LOS detection 100+ feet.
Various antenna options to increase LOS distance.
PIR sensor powered by 2 AA batteries lasting for a year.
PIR detection range of 20 to 40 feet with a wide angle lens.
Can be used with the X10 HawkEye II Motion Sensor (MS13A), EagleEye Motion Sensor (MS14A), and ActiveEye Motion Sensor (MS16A)

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