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PixController LE
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Building Systems

Introduction Specs Settings Connecting Cameras Motion Sensor Building Systems

We will have various parts kits for this board depending on the type of system you plan to build. We are now going to carry 9V and 4 AA battery holders with power on/off switches on them. Choose the battery requirements for your needs! We won’t force you into any design here. If you want small size choose the 9V battery, but if you want a system for deep woods applications or extreme cold applications choose the 4 AA battery supply. Also, if you like using an external switch then you have the freedom to design a system with one. We carry a whole host of trail camera building accessories, and we are adding more every day!

Below are some ideas for trail camera layout. Please note that the PixController LE board is meant to be mounted to the lid of the case since the PIR senor, Day/Night sensor, and LED’s are on the back.

The first layout example is a Sony DSC-P32 in a Pelican 1020 case!

            user posted image

user posted image

The second example is the smallest trail camera design I have seen. This is a Sony DSC-U30 in the new tiny Pelican 1010 case. This is small, only 3” X 5.5”!

         user posted image

user posted image

Note: The above examples show the DIP switch sticker on the case lid, but you will need to drill the lid for the camera flash and lens hole. I just put them there to show you what the sticker looked like. In a finished camera you can put the sticker behind the camera.

Here is an example of a Sony DSC-P41 in a Pelican 1020 case

Parts used: PixController LE Board, LE board mounting kit, and 9V battery holder w/ switch.

Here is an example of a Sony DSC-P51 in a Pelican 1040 case


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Copyright ©, PixController, All Rights Reserved.

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