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PixController LE
Copyright February 2005, PixController Inc., All rights reserved.

Introduction Specs Settings Connecting Cameras Motion Sensor Building Systems

Board Operating Conditions
Operating Voltage: 5V - 14V DC
Recommended Operating Temperatures: 120F to -10F
Recommend Board Mounting: (4) #6-23 machine screws
Battery Life: ~9 months on a Alkaline 9V, or ~ 2 years on a 4 AA battery supply. Actual times depend on operating temperature.

Board Dimension
1.25 X 3.20

Click here to download the PixController LE Board Template, which is in PDF format. The template will be a 1-1 scale, so you may cut it out and locate the points such as the PIR sensor and board mounting holes for drilling out your case.
User Feedback
Red (Super Bright) control LED: Displays board functions
Green PIR LED: Displays PIR triggers


PIR Sensor: Passive Infrared motion sensor. Detection range out to 80 feet depending on temperature.
CDS Photo Sensor: Detects light/dark for day/night operation.

Interface Ports 
Sony/Canon LANC Port
Sony ACC Terminal Port
Hardwire Camera Control - Shutter, Refresh, Power On/Off
DC Power Port
External Light Port

PIR Detection Range
90 to100 feet - depending on air temperature.

User Interfaces
10 Position DIP Switch: Adjust board operating settings
Single Turn PIR Sensitivity POT: Adjust PIR Range/Sensitivity
Single Turn Day/Night Sensor Calibration POT: Adjust the light detection level of your Day/Night Sensor.
Note: Before you begin your PixController LE project you must remove one of the board resistors. This depends on which Camera Control Setting you are using. Click here: How to remove board resistors

PixController LE (Rev. 2) Control Board Front
Pre Rev. 2 Click Here


PixController LE Control Board Back

Adjusting the DIP switch

PixController LE 10-Position DIP Switch

The 10-Position DIP switch on the PixController LE board is used to setup how the board controls the attached cameras, functions in day only, night only, 24 hour mode, and many more features. Listed below are instructions on how to setup the DIP switch feature on the LE board.

For a complete list of DIP switch setting Click here.

Adjusting the PIR Sensitivity POT

To adjust the PIR detection range on your PixController LE board simply turn the single turn POT shown to the left to your desired range. The default setting is in the middle, as shown. The two "dots" on the Philips head screw show the actual location.

The default setting is desirable for almost all weather conditions. In very hot summer months, or setups over fields with no shading cover you should reduce the PIR sensitivity.

Note: Turning the sensitivity to the minimum setting will turn the PIR detection off.

Adjusting the Day/Night Cal. POT

When adjusting the Day/Night Sensor POT you must first set the DIP switches 3 & 4 "Up" when the board is powered down, then turn the board on. The "Red Control LED" will light up when the detection level detects darkness. You may want to adjust this in the darkest setting you want to run your system at when adjusting this POT. When finished you will need to return DIP switches 3 & 4 back to their original setting.

Auto Walk-Test mode on power up
When turning power on to your Universal board both the red and green LED will light up. They will both stay on for 30 seconds. This time will allow the PIR circuit to warm up. After this time expires the green LED will turn off and the red LED will blink 5 times letting you know that the board is entering a 1 minute automatic walk-test phase. At this point you can move around the camera setup and check out the PIR area. Both the green and red LEDs will light when motion is detected. After the 1 minute automatic walk-test phase expires the red LED will blink 5 times letting you know the camera system will now become active.

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Copyright , PixController, All Rights Reserved.

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Copyright , PixController, All Rights Reserved.

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