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PixController LE
Copyright February 2005, PixController Inc., All rights reserved.
ACC-Terminal Sony Digital Camera

Introduction Specs Settings Connecting Cameras Motion Sensor Building Systems


The Sony ACC Terminal PixController LE is a complete electronic kit to construct a Wildlife Video Surveillance Camera System, or Remote Security System. It uses an integrated Passive Infrared (PIR) detector which detects body heat and motion to trigger any ACC Terminal compatible Sony Digital Camera.  The board will send a command to the attached camcorder to power the digital camera on, shutter a photo, then power the camera off. The advantage of this type of unit is that you simply connect your camera to the board with the the supplied ACC Terminal cable. No camera modifications are needed. Note: This will only work on Sony digital cameras with an ACC Terminal port. The User Switch Settings let you adjust the delay between photos, day/night/24hr recording, and setup the Walk-Test PIR mode. 

2.5mm Cable Information
When using the 2.5mm cable with the PixController LE board you will need to cut off one of the male ends from the cable, strip back the black insulation, and solder the LANC signal from the cable into the LANC connection on the PixController LE boards camera port, You will also have to solder the LANC Ground signal from the cable into the Ground connection on the PixController LE boards camera port.

New Style Cable




Wiring Details
Base Ring is the Copper solder braid. (ACC Ground)
Mid Ring is the Red wire. (Not Used)
Tip is the White wire. (ACC Signal)

Old Style Cable






Wiring Details
Base Ring is the Copper solder braid. (ACC Ground)
Mid Ring is the White wire. (Not Used)
Tip is the Red wire. (ACC Signal)

Powering up your ACC PixController LE Board
When applying power to your ACC Terminal configured Universal board you must follow these steps:

  1. Start with both the camera off and the LE board off.
  2. Plug the 2.5mm cable in between the camcorders ACC Terminal port and the LE boards camera port.
  3. Power on the camera.
  4. Power on the Universal board.

After these steps have been followed correctly you should see the camera power down after about 5 seconds of applying power to the Universal board. If you get a series of 5 blinks on the red LED this means the Universal board cannot "see" the camera. If you see a blinking green LED this means you powered up/down the ACC
Terminal board too quickly. Please power down the camera and LE board, and unplug the 2.5mm cable, wait for 30-60 seconds, then follow steps 1-4.

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What is an ACC Port? 
The ACC Terminal port was developed by Sony as a remote control protocol for the higher end models of their digital cameras. ACC Terminal connectors are usually 2.5mm mini plugs - about the size of a Walkman headphone. 

  LANC or ACC 2.5mm Stereo Connector Diagram

  ACC Terminal connector photo 

Types of Digital Cameras that can
be used
Listed below are the types of digital cameras the LE ACC Terminal board. Devices are connected to the Control board VIA the Cameras ACC Terminal cable (plug-n-play), and do not require any camera modifications. This is a great way for a beginner in the trail camera building market to start out.

ACC Terminal port Sony Digital Cameras
Note: This is not a complete list

DSC-V1 5.0MP




If you find other cameras that work please email us at and we will make note of it for other users.  

Using your LANC camcorder with "Photo" button
If you have a Sony camcorder with a LANC port and your camcorder also has a "Photo" button you can connect your camcorder you can utilize the ACC Terminal PIC chip to shutter still photos with your camcorder.

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Copyright , PixController, All Rights Reserved.

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