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Rare Sumatran Rhino  captured on video

Press Release: April 24, 2007, PixController, Inc.

On March 29, 2007 we received an email from a very excited Stephen Hogg of WWF-Malaysia stating:

"The really great news is I have had one of your boards set in the forest in Borneo for some time now trying to get the Sumatran Rhino as you may be aware. Well after the trip last year that turned out to be a disaster if you remember after the board broke down before we could get the unit set after we were dropped by helicopter into the site and took forever to walk back out ha ha I will never live that one down haha. Any way we have had another one set and I retrieved it last Friday and yes we got it the first ever wild Sumatran Rhino caught on video trap, 2 mins of heaven it is awesome it really is I cannot tell you how good this footage is it just cannot be better".

Stephen has been using PixController video motion controllers for several years and has had great success in the past capturing a "first ever video clip" of a Burmese Tiger. Stephen team does it again with a "first ever video clip" of a rare Sumatran Rhino in Borneo using a video camera trap. Although PixController, Inc. was not mentioned in the press release from the WWF on the Borneo Rhino video we did receive this message from Stephen Hogg in an email to us on April 24; "
I am however very disappointed. I went to great lengths here to get your company mentioned as one of the main partners in this exercise".

"The 2 minute video — showing the animal eating, walking to the camera and sniffing the equipment — is the first-ever footage of observing the behavior in the wild of one of the world’s rarest rhinos.

Scientists estimate there are only between 25 and 50 rhinos left on the island of Borneo. These last survivors of the Bornean subspecies of Sumatran rhinos are believed to remain only in the interior forests of Sabah, Malaysia — an area known as the “Heart of Borneo.” The rhinos are so secretive that the first-ever still photo of one was captured last year"

"The video camera trap that captured the rhino footage was developed by Stephen Hogg, Head of Audio Visual at WWF-Malaysia. After successfully testing the newly developed camera trap on Malayan tigers in Peninsula Malaysia, it was set up in Sabah to capture the Sumatran rhino. Photos and video footage can determine the condition of rhinos, help identify individual animals and show how they behave in the wild."

“We did a pilot test with two of my video cameras in an area that the field team had determined was used by rhinos. The first time we checked them, after four weeks, there were these fantastic images,” Hogg said. “This is further proof that these video cameras do work and are of value to our conservation work. This footage is awesome and could not have been better.”

Video systems such as this are ideal for capturing video of wildlife. They are left unattended for weeks and months at a time to record any "animal" activity. A research team can cover wide areas of interest installing several video systems at once. When movement is detected, which requires body heat and movement, the Sony camcorder will be powered up and set to record for as long as the animal is present, or for a pre-set amount of recording time. After the animal leaves or the pre-set time expires the camcorder is powered down by the PixController motion controller and will wait for the next event.

Upon release of the Borneo Rhino video has been played on ABC's "Good Morning America" TV show, FOX Networks, NBC Evening News, CNN, BBC, and many other networks. We couldn't be happier for Stephen Hogg and his team on the great efforts they put into capturing this amazing video.

Press Releases Borneo Rhino Video
  WWF-Malaysia Press Release
  ABC News
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  CNN News
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Play the video!

Click here to download the full 2-minute video

Rhino1.wmv  8.02Mb



PixController Sony LANC camcorder video system similar to the camera system used to capture the Rhino video.


Stephen Hogg and his film crew setting up a video system in Borneo.



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