Fox Den Camera Updates 1/5/2019: Welcome to the red fox den camera. This is our second season and the camera is placed on the old den from last year. The red fox are not denned up yet and we do not know if they will choose this den site again this year. The camera is movable so if they do not den here there is a good chance we can move it to the new den site.

Camera Information

The camera is streaming from a farm location in south western Pennsylvania. The den site is at the edge of a field which has been used by red fox in previous years. We are running 500' of power from a house to the den site and picking up WiFi from 1/4 mile from another house. We want to personally thank the Regalla and Wingard families for providing power and Internet for the camera

Red Fox Information
Red Foxes mate in the winter and the female fox gives birth to a litter of 2-12 “kits” in the spring. The kits are dark gray in color at the time of birth, but grow a new coat within a month. Both the male and female fox cares for the kits until they are ready to leave in the fall. Foxes are omnivores who hunt mainly small rodents, birds and rabbits. However, they will occasionally eat vegetables, fruit, mice, and fish.