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PixController Universal Board Mounting/Camera Shelf
Product Overview
Copyright 2006, PixController Inc., all rights reserved.

Includes camera shelf, screws, spacers, and nuts for the appropriate PixController controller board


The PixController Universal Board Mounting/Camera Shelf product was designed to make your
trail camera system with ease. The mount/shelf is constructed of heavy gauge steel and painted in a flat black texture paint. Included with the mount/shelf are 4 #6-32 screws, 4 spacers to set the proper height, and 4 nuts to hold your PixController board into place. Along the 2 side tabs of the mount/shelf are 2 1/4" holes for securing the mount/shelf inside your Pelican 1040 case with standard 1/4-20 Eye Bolts

Countersunk holes on the back of the shelf mounting system will let you easily install the #6-32 flat head machine screws (included) for mounting your PixController controller board.

This product will save you the time and effort from drilling holes into your case to mount the controller board, and at the same time provides your box with a shelf to hold the camera. This is the Universal mounting system will make your next trail camera product a snap!

Universal Board Mounting system compatible with the following PixController Boards:
    PixController Universal Board
    PixController LE Board
    PixController RF Board

Universal Shelf Specifications

Mounting Locations for the PixController Boards

Hole Mounting Locations

"A" Holes - RF Board
"B" Holes - LE Board
"C" Holes - Universal Board
"D" Holes - Eye Bolts
"E" Holes - 1" PIR Hole for LE Board

1. When using the LE Board the board will fast towards the back of the case. Hole "E" is drilled for the PIR sensor/Lens.

2. When using the RF Board you will used the smaller 3/8" #6-32 screws/spacers.

PixController Universal Board

PixController LE Board

PixController RF Board

How to use the mount/shelf your digital camera system

1. Mount the Universal board into the camera mount/shelf as shown in Figure 1. First place the 4 nylon spaces provided with your camera mount/shelf over the 4 machine screws. Next place the Universal board onto the mount with the DIP switch facing the bottom as shown. Lastly attach the 4 machine screw nuts in place to hold the board.

Figure 1

2. Place the camera mount/shelf into your Pelican 1040 case as shown in Figure 2. In order to get a proper fit it may be necessary to cut the rubber bladder out of the Pelican 1040 case by cutting the O-Ring seal with a Xato knife, or some sharp knife and replacing it back into the 1040 grove. You may have to use some small drops of glue like Marine GOOP to assure it stays in place.

Next, all you need to do is drill 2 1/4" holes on the sides of the mount and secure the mount/shelf with a 1/4-20 Eye Bolt as shown in Figure 3. Note, the right hand side hole will align perfectly with the purge valve on the 1040 case. Simply remove the valve and use this hole as a pilot hole. Once you have this Eye Bolt in place you can easily locate the 2nd Eye Bolt, drill a pilot hole, then your 1/4" hole and mount the 2nd Eye Bolt into place. 

                           Figure 3

Figure 2

3. Once you are completed with this step you can mount your camera above on the shelf as shown in Figure 4, and place your 9V battery holder with switch below.

         Easily build your ownTrail Camera

Figure 4

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Copyright , PixController, All Rights Reserved.

PixController, Inc. products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA

Copyright , PixController, All Rights Reserved.

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