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DigitalEye™ Trail Camera
Product Overview

DigitalEye DigitalEye Wireless PIR Model Specs Photo Gallery 

Trail Mode™ is an exclusive feature developed by PixController, Inc. When setup in this mode your trail camera will keep the digital camera powered up after taking the first photo and will be take. Any subsequent photos can be taken 3 seconds apart with a trigger time of 1/10 second as long as motion is present.
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Wildlife Research Favorite!


If you're looking for a camera trap with the best possible photo quality and rugged durable construction? Look no further. The DigitalEye 12.1 Trail Camera is the choice for you.

The DigitalEye 12.1 incorporates a high quality removable Sony 12.1 Mega Pixel
Super HAD™ CCD digital camera with Carl Zeiss optics. The DigitalEye's camera and motion control electronics are housed is a waterproof pelican case with glass lenses which won't scratch.

The compact size and light weight construction of the DigitalEye allows for deployment into environments such as remote Jungles over a long period of time. Unlike most trail cameras, which are only "weather proof" are prone to water damage and fail under harsh conditions, the DigitalEye will function for many years of use.

These features are some of the reasons why so many research groups choose the DigitalEye trail camera. If you need to capture full color day or night photos suitable of magazine or research publication of that rare species the only choice is the PixController DigitalEye!

DigitalEye™ 12.1 in White Flash (Color Night Photo)
Part Number: CAM003-12.1

Price: $479.95

Out of stock
Call 724-733-0970 for availability

DigitalEye™ 12.1 in IR Stealth Flash
Part Number: CAM004-12.1

All of the great features of our White Flash model, but with INFRARED technology!  This system utilizes an infrared flash that is virtually invisible to the naked eye, allowing you to take total "stealth" photos for game scouting or surveillance. The animal or trespasser will never know their photo was taken! Night photos will have a pinkish tint but will retain excellent detail and resolution quality. Day and Night photos will be in black & white.

Note: IR Mode is at 830nm. This means there is a slightly visible light for about 1/4 second when flashed.


Out of stock
Call 724-733-0970 for availability

DigitalEye™ Time-Lapse Module
Part Number: PIC001

Time-Lapse module for the DigitalEye White Flash and IR Flash models. Simply replace the motion module with the time-lapse module to turn your DigitalEye camera it a time-lapse camera.

See Instructions Here:
DigitalEye Time-Lapse Instructions


Metal Locking Security Enclosure
Part Number: ENC001

Description: Welded steel and powder coated locking security enclosure. Mount to a tree with a ratchet strap or lag bolts or secure with cable and a closed shank lock. It allows for approximately 30 degrees of adjustment in any direction and mounts easily to give the perfect angle on surface.
(Width = 7" x Height = 8" x Deep = 3 7/8"). Weight: 8 lbs

Price: $99.95

MasterLock® Python™ Locking Cable
Part Number: HWD006

Description: Locking cable system for trail/scouting cameras. Comes in Advantage Timber camo pattern and keyed differently.

Price: $19.95


Visual Media Explorer™ Software

Feature Overview
  • Integrated Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensor which is triggered by "body heat and motion".
  • PIR detection range out to 80+ feet. 
  • Adjustable PIR Motion Sensitivity.
  • Night Flash range 40+ feet.
  • Captures full color (12.1 MegaPixel) or IR photos (12.1 MegaPixel) at resolution. Camera resolution adjustable down to VGA mode.
  • Photos stored on Sony Memory Stick DUO media cards.
  • Large LCD display to view your photos in the woods.
  • View the time/date the photo was taken on the LCD display.
  • Enclosed in a rugged and waterproof case in Mossy Oak camo pattern.
  • Lock to a tree with a Masterlock® Python™ Cable.
  • Fast Trigger Time and Long Battery life.
  • Setup day only, night only, or 24 hour operation from an easy to set DIP switch.
  • Adjustable delays from 10 seconds to 30 minutes including our Trail Mode™ feature.
  • Includes a movie mode to take full 640 X 480 MPEG movies (day only feature).
  • Stores Time/Date with each photo, and with the included popular Visual Media Explorer™ photo browser you can stamp Moon Phase and GPS data.

The DigitalEye™  is small and compact - fits into the palm of your hand!

locks to any tree by using the Masterlock® Python™


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