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DigitalEye™ Wireless PIR Model
Product Overview

DigitalEye DigitalEye Wireless PIR Model Specs Photo Gallery 

PixController DigitalEye™ RF Wireless PIR

Digital Trail Camera


The DigitalEye™ RF Wireless PIR functions much the same way as the standard DigitalEye™ system other than the PIR motion sensor is external to the system. The advantage of the Wireless RF camera system is you can hide the camera system for example in an elevated position to prevent detection. The wireless PIR motion sensors will send a wireless command which will trigger the camera unit. You can use multiple wireless PIR motion sensor to trigger the camera unit, or you can use one/multiple wireless PIR motion sensors to trigger multiple camera units.

By removing the PIR motion sensor from within the recording device this will allow for more covert, larger PIR area of detection using several wireless RF motion sensor, and allow several different types of recording devices used in one setup. You can also increase your sensing area by using multiple Wireless PIR sensors to trigger the camera.

This small wireless PIR motion sensor sends a digital RF signal back to the camera unit for triggering recording. The recording unit "listens" for wireless commands sent from the wireless PIR motion sensor when the motion sensor is tripped. When the recording unit receives a trigger event it will trigger the attached camera system to take a photo or record video.

The wireless RF motion sensor is powered by two small AAA batteries. These batteries will which will last for a year of continuous use. Since the sensor is on all of the time these batteries should be removed for storage.

There are (8) different digital addresses the wireless RF motion sensor can be programmed to send (addresses A – H). By changing the address this gives the user the ability to configure several sensors or recording units within range of each other to respond for a given setup.

There is no limit to the number of wireless RF motion sensor that can be used it a given setup. Several different types of recording systems can respond to one or more wireless RF motion sensors..

DigitalEye™ RF Wireless 12.1 in White Flash (Color)
Part Number: CAM003-RF-12.1

Price: $579.95

Out of stock
Call 724-733-0970 for availability

DigitalEye™ RF Wireless 12.1 in IR Stealth Flash
Part Number: CAM004-RF-12.1

All of the great features of our White Flash model, but with INFRARED technology!  This system utilizes an infrared flash that is virtually invisible to the naked eye, allowing you to take total "stealth" photos for game scouting or surveillance. The animal or trespasser will never know their photo was taken! Night photos will have a pinkish tint but will retain excellent detail and resolution quality. Day and Night photos will be in black & white.

Note: IR Mode is at 830nm. This means there is a slightly visible light for about 1/4 second when flashed.


Out of stock
Call 724-733-0970 for availability


Wireless PIR Motion Sensor
Part Number: SEN001

The PixController Long Range Wireless RF (Radio Frequency) PIR Motion Sensor can be used with the entire PixController RF wireless product line including but not limited to the DVREye RF wireless, and DigitalEye RF wireless products.

Price: $129.95

MasterLock® Python™ Locking Cable
Part Number: HWD006

Description: Locking cable system for trail/scouting cameras. Comes in Advantage Timber camo pattern and keyed differently.

Price: $19.95



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