Laurel Mountain Camera

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Species captured on camera
Bald Eagle Bobcat Turkey Vulture
Golden Eagle Barred Owl Black Vulture
Coyote Raven Red Fox
Gray Fox Red-Tailed Hawk Black Bear

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Forbes State Forest
District 4

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Golden Eagle Research Project on the Forbes State Forest

Did you know that some Golden Eagles spent their winters in the mountains of Pennsylvania?  Dr. Todd Katzner, from the U.S. Geological Survey, is leading research on the ‘eastern’ Golden Eagle.  The eastern population of Golden Eagles nests in extreme northeastern Canada and spends winters in the high altitudes of the Appalachian Mountains.  In 2012, Forbes State Forest decided to participate in this research to help find out more about this elusive bird of prey. 

There is little known about the eastern Golden Eagle population.  Dr. Katzner is researching their population, migration patterns, winter range, impacts from wind turbines, DNA characteristics, and overall health.  Every winter, we deploy a couple trail cameras, just like the ones used to pattern deer for hunting, and search for road-killed deer to use as bait at the camera sites under our PA Game Commission permit.  We place the road-killed deer in openings high atop mountains in the Forbes State Forest away from human activity in hopes of attracting hungry Golden Eagles.  We fix the trail cameras on the piles of dead deer, sit back, and wait….…...

We check the sites every 3-5 days and download the pictures taken at the sites.  It does not take long for hungry, curious creatures to start visiting the bait sites.  We capture pictures of coyotes, lots and lots of ravens, bobcats, red-tailed hawks, a barred owl, gray fox, raccoons, bald eagles, and yes, golden eagles!  We have several golden eagles coming regularly to the bait sites each winter posing for really cool pictures.  Golden Eagles are magnificent birds with a commanding presence.  We are excited to be part of this research project to further the conservation of these awesome eagles.

Cory M. Wentzel
Forest Assistant Manager
Forbes State Forest
Bureau of Forestry
Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Commonwealth of PA

About the Camera System

PixController Raptor Camera System
The camera system consists of a CSE Corporation Raptor Cellular camera mounted on a portable stand with an external battery and solar panel. When the cameras motion sensor is triggered a photo will be taken and transmitted in real-time to this website. This will give the project researchers a better understanding of what species are active at the site, and give them site conditions in real-time.

The most recent 100 photos will be displayed in a slide show format with about a 3-second delay between each photo. The most recent photo will be shown first.

The system can also be triggered remotely to capture photos or get system information such as battery status, site temperature, and cellular signal level.

We expect the system to function without any human interaction for the duration of the project.


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