Rules for Live Webcam Chat


1. No politics, sports, religion, racial slurs or emojis.
2. The Webcam chat is a family friendly chat room that welcomes people of all cultures and ages, please keep conversations family friendly.
3. No mention of adult activities or adult language is permitted in chat.
4. We do ask that chatters stay on topic of the species at the Hays & Harmar nests, but when eagles are not active then we may discuss other nest info or wildlife.
5. If you chose to mention another nest please include the name of that nest in your post to prevent confusion for any chatters just coming in.
6. We do not name any of the critters or eagles on the cam as they are wild animals and not pets (for Hays and Harmar eagle nests)
7. Please let the moderators address any chat issues.
8. Please respect the moderators, who donate their time to make sure chat runs smoothly.
9. Most importantly please respect one another and have fun!!!
10. Please NOTE: Failure to abide by the chat rules will result in a 5 minute time out, in the event of 3 time outs then a permanent ban from chat may be considered

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