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Construction Site Security
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The CellularEye product has been discontinued and replaced with the Raptor Wireless Camera series. The Raptor Wireless Camera series includes built in day color, night IR camera, and choice of Cellular GSM/GPRS modem, Wi-Fi modem, and/or Long Range Wireless mode. Click here for information on the PixController Raptor System.

The all new Cellular Eye™ is the first portable construction site security system with an integrated motion detector and digital camera with cellular photo transmission.

Your Cellular Eye will capture that unwanted thief’s photo and E-Mail it to your PC and/or cellular phone within 1 minute after motion is detected.

Protect your valuable construction site around the clock!


   Cellular Phone sold separately


Add your Treo phone service to your existing cellular phone plan for as little at $15.00 a month. Supports all major cellular phone providers.



Monitor your construction job site for theft!


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