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How to build an Olympus D-360L Trail Camera
using the PixController Universal "Digital Trail Camera Kit"
w/ RS-232-U PIC Chip

"Getting Started"

This tutorial will cover the building of a digital trail camera from start to finish. In this example we will construct a digital trail camera using the PixController Digital Trail Camera Kit, and the Olympus D-360L digital camera. The D-360L does not require any modification to the camera, thus this is a "Plug-n-play" system. 

The steps in building a trail camera in this tutorial can be applied to just about any camera, and not just the D-360L. You can use these same steps to construct a trail camera using the Sony DSC-P32, or Sony DSC-P41 - using the PixController Sony Trail Camera Kit.

The PixController Digital Trail Camera Kit can also be used to construct a system using the popular Olympus D-380, D-370 using the RSS-U - always on, or RSP3i-U on/off method. The Olympus D-395 and D-390 are also very popular system to build using this camera kit using the RSP4i-U method.

We will take you through this tutorial in 5 easy steps (listed below). Let's get started! Go to Step 1

Step 1

Case Layout and Mounting the PixController Universal Board.

Step 2

Mounting the U-Bolts.

Step 3

Mounting the external switch.

Step 4

Wiring and configuring the 2.5mm port solder jumpers.

Step 5

Mounting the PIR Lens, Camera lens glass, and flash glass.

Tools Used:
  • Soldering Iron
  • Wire Cutters and Wire Strippers
  • Glass Cutter
  • Electric Drill or Drill Press
  • Drill Bits and Counter Sink Bit
  • Sharp Knife
  • Plumb Bob or Digital Caliper
  • Awl or Center Punch
  • Marking Pen

Materials Used:


Go to Step 1

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