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                                                              PixController, Inc. Company History

PixController, Inc. was started with the idea "how to capturing wildlife photos/movies" using unattended cameras. Founder and CEO Bill Powers started the company in 1999, in the suburban Pittsburgh location of Murrysville, PA, with a line of multi-purpose motion-based controller products for animal scouting and wildlife research. Today this type of technology is ever present in hunting stores and catalogs selling inexpensive "digital trail cameras", but at that time the only commercial systems available were 35mm based, and were very expensive. At that time this type of technology was out of the reach of most consumers to purchase. Powers had the idea to design multi purpose motion based controller products which would control 35mm & digital cameras, as well as video camcorders so the average consumer could build their own system at a fraction of the price of commercially made systems. After 2 years of design and testing PixController released the "Original PixController Board" for sale to the general public in late November of 2001. 

2001 In late November 2001 PixController, Inc. released "Original PixController Board" for to the general public. This enabled the average person to build their own trail camera using our controller, a store bought camera, and a waterproof case. This was the birth of what's know today as "homebrew trail cameras". Soon after its release, many people started enjoying 35mm, digital, and video camcorder scouting trail cameras they built on their own. They found the quality, functionality, and ease of use to far surpass any units commercially made trail/video camera. Not only did this attract hunters interested in scouting deer for the up and coming hunting seasons, but this also attracted the attention of many wildlife research groups and photographers like the World Wildlife Federation, and many members of wildlife filming groups such as Animal Planet/Discovery Channel, and National Geographic. This controller was first marketed to members of the popular internet trail camera forum "Jesse's Hunting Page" and was an instant success.

Original PixController Board
November, 2001 release date

First Sony LANC based Video Camcorder trail camera system

First RS-232 "plug-n-play" digital trail camera using the
Olympus D-360 digital camera

2002 At the close of their first year in business, with several thousand controller boards in the field world wide, PixController started to collect data from many of their users about what they liked and what they didn't like. It was this unique relationship PixController, Inc. had with its customers that enabled them to release new "truly functional" products and innovations at an unprecedented rate in the industry. This attracted the attention of a local hunting distributor, Penn's Woods Products. In 2002 PixController, Inc. designed a digital trail camera for Penn's Woods Products called the "Digital-Scout". This camera was sold through large distributors such as Cabela's. Later in 2004 PixController, Inc. developed the Video-Scout, a Sony camcorder trail camera for Penn's Woods Products which was also sold by Cabela's.

Digital-Scout Trail Camera

Video-Scout Trail Camera

2003 With the success of the Original Controller board PixController, Inc. started developing a series of controller boards for the do-it-yourself individuals to construct their own wildlife camera system. Over the next 5 years PixController developed several cutting edge controller boards into the market for controlling various models of commercial digital cameras, video camcorder, and DVR's. Other controller boards included slave flash controller, video light boards, and wireless sensor controllers. In 2008 PixController, Inc. changed the company focus to develop a new line wireless cellular product for the security and law enforcement industries and discounted selling controller boards.

Universal Board
Camera Controller

LE Board
Camera Controller

RF Wireless Board
Camera Controller

Opto Board
Device Switcher

Video Light Board

Video Light II Board

Slave Flash Controller
2004 PixController turned its sights on being the first company to release a wireless cellular transmitted digital trail camera, the CellularEye™ in the spring of 2004. This alone was a two year R&D effort. The CellularEye incorporated a custom designed set of electronics which was connected to a Palm Treo cellular phone. Custom software was written for the Treo phone and was trigged by the electronics to take a photo and email it to the user upon motion detection.

PixContorller's CellularEye™
The "worlds first" cellular scouting camera released April 2004.

2006 In 2006, PixController, Inc. will release another first, the DVREye™, which will be the first "Digital Video Recorder" game camera on the market when it is released for sale in the fall of 2006. This video recording unit features a unique full color by day footage and stealth IR footage at night recording mode. The DVREye camera system captured the two largest wildlife discoveries ever. In 2007 our video system enabled researchers from WWF-Malaysia to capture the first ever Sumatran Rhino on video. Then in 2008 researchers from WWF-Indonesia capered a rare Javan Rhino on video. Both discoveries made international news and were broadcast on all of the major US television networks.  PixController, Inc. also designed custom remote HD camera controllers which enabled Dave Sirak, news operations manager WFTV Television of Orlando, FL to capture the first ever NASA Space Shuttle launches in HD. The NASA HD camera project was nominated for an Emmy for "Technical Achievement" in 2008. PixController camera system has also been featured in the History Channels hit series MonsterQuest.

PixController's DVR Eye™
The worlds first "Digital Video Recorder"
scouting camera. Fall 2006 release date.

2007 In 2007 PixController, Inc. started developing a host of wireless products for the wildlife photography and security markets. Notability is the new PixController RF controller released in the spring of 2007. This new controller works in conjunction with a wireless PIR sensor which can me mounted remotely from the base camera unit. PixController Inc. has also developed new wireless video cameras system called the WirelessEye which is integrated into our Advanced Wireless Wildlife WebCam which is now online for all to see. PixController, Inc. received a Worlds Top 25 Webcam from EarthCam for their Wildlife Webcam. This pioneering webcam technology combined motion sensing technology with long range wireless technology enabling viewers to see many different species of wildlife. In 2010 PixController, Inc. installed the worlds first live streaming webcam broadcast from a black bear den in Ely, MN. Lily the black bear became a household name as she gave birth live to her cub on January, 22, 2010.

Remote RC Sony LANC control box for filming your hunts

Advanced Streaming Webcams

2008 With our new wireless camera technology we attracted the attention of agents working for ATF. They suggested we design unattended covert surveillance systems used in remote locations for law enforcement use. This type of system needed to be covert unlike a trail camera. We broke down our camera systems into modular systems to create a covert system for this application. The result is our new UndercoverEye line of products which are triggered by various wireless sensors and sending a radio signal back to a recording box which can be buried into the ground.

UndercoverEye MDVR

UndercoverEye Power Box

UndercoverEye Raptor Cellular

2009 After a 2-year long R&D project redesigning our CellularEye camera we introduced our new Raptor Cellular/WiFi camera system. The Raptor was the first remote unatteneded camera system on the market which could transmit photos in real-time via a cellular radio option or WiFi radio option. Raptor system could also be configured with in an on-board PIR motion sensor or wireless PIR motion sensor. The on-board or wireless PIR motion sensor option is also upgradeable. Lastly, the Raptor system can be configured with a 50 channel GPS receiver which will send you the location of your Raptor system along with a link to an aerial map. The Raptor camera system can even be controlled while in the field from your PC using our Remote Control option.

Raptor Cellular Camera System

Raptor WiFi Camera System

Raptor Remote Sensor Version
2011 PixController, Inc. introduces a new line of wireless sensors. These wireless sensor are a set of send a wireless commands to a various PixController camera system to start the recording process. There are many advantages in using a remote sensor triggered camera system. Not only do they allow the camera systems to be placed in more covert settings they allow the user to use an array of different sensors.



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